WTHS January 2015 Meeting

Episcopal priest, The Reverend Donald Edgar Mowery, shares his story of Youth Service in Memphis, Inc. and Youth Service, USA. Father Mowery led these social service agencies well beyond the confines of campgrounds for underprivileged and troubled youths. His efforts helped to create a template for a national program that enjoyed accolades from the highest levels.

father donFather Don carefully crafted his “spiritual network” which grew to include supporters such as Elvis Presley, who grew up in one of Memphis’ housing projects, four U.S. presidents and three Joint Chiefs of Staff, who served at various times on the Board of Directors for Youth Service, USA. From 1963 until 1995, Father Don helped to establish four major youth programs locally and expanded three of them to over 120 military bases across the country. No other civilian organization has been awarded the use of military facilities in this manner. His near half-century old radio talk show, Talk It Out with Father Don, is also commendable. The groundbreaking broadcast hosted guests ranging from Bob Hope, Ed Sullivan and Arthur Godfrey, to local citizens and volunteers. Father Don Mowery has devoted his entire career to inspiring and helping young people reach their life goals. Behind every Youth Service program was his fervent Christian concern for the well-being of all people – the fortunate and the less fortunate. Father Don proved to the nation how youth training and development programs can transform young people into productive and positive citizens.

Monday, January 5, 2015, 7 pm

Memphis University School – Wunderlich Auditorium 6191 Park Avenue, Memphis Enter campus at Park Ave. and follow the WTHS signs


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