Historical Markers of Shelby County in West Tennessee

Listed are markers and locations in Shelby County –

Sanction entities include the Tennessee Historical Commission, Shelby County Historical Commission, West Tennessee Historical Society, City of Memphis, City of Germantown. Title, location and status is listed in some of the information.

Shelby County Historical Commission Markers

Name Location        
Abram Langston Taylor Robert Church Park, Beale Street  
American Studios 827 N. Thomas (at Chelsea Avenue)
Anthony Chapel School, Greenwood        
    AME Church & Cemetery 9350 Mulberry Road, Rosemark
Arlington, Tennessee 5854 Airline Road, Arlington  
Armstrong Field 5556 Old Millington Road, Millington
Astor Park 251 Riverside Drive  
Bartlett, Tennessee Stage Road & Bartlett Blvd., Bartlett
Beale Street Baptist Church 379 Beale Street    
Bolton School 7305 Brunswick Road, Brunswick
Bridgewater School Raleigh LaGrange Road & Amberly Village
Bruce Elementary School 581 S. Bellevue Blvd.  
Calvary Cemetery 1633 Elvis Presley Blvd.  
Central Gardens Historic District Peabody Avenue & Belvedere Blvd.      
Chambers Chapel Cemetery        
  3185 Chambers Chapel Road, Lakeland
Chambers Chapel United        
    United Methodist Church 3185 Chambers Chapel Road, Lakeland      
Christian Brothers College 612 Adams Avenue  
Clayborn Temple 280 Hernando Street  
Collierville, Tenn. Town Square Park, Collierville
Congregation B’Nai Brith        
    (Children Of Israel) N. Main Street & Exchange Avenue
Cossitt Library S. Front Street & Monroe Avenue
Crystal Shrine Grotto 5668 Poplar Avenue  
Dr. Greene Fort Pinkston (1875-1963) 1738 Lenow Road    
Eastland Presbyterian Church 3741 Jackson Avenue  
Ellen Davies-Rodgers 1903-1994 9336 Davies Plantation Road, Bartlett
Elvis Presley At American Studios 827 N. Thomas (at Chelsea Avenue)
Elvis Presley At Sun Records 706 Union Avenue    
Emmanuel Protestant Episcopal Church 604 St. Paul Avenue  
Eudora Baptist Church 4684 Poplar Avenue  
E.W. Hale, Sr.        
    (Jan. 4, 1875 – Dec. 16, 1959) Mullins Station Road, East of Farm Road
First Baptist Church Poplar Avenue & East Parkway
First Holiday Inn 4941 Summer Avenue  
First Memphis Waterfront N. Front Street & Jackson Avenue
Former Criminal Courts Building 150 Washington Avenue  
Frances Wright (1795 – 1852) Neshoba Circle & Deep Valley Drive
Gen. James M. Kennedy Hospital Getwell Road, UM Park Avenue Campus
Germantown, Tennessee Germantown Road & NSRR  
Gordon Elementary School 815 Breedlove Street  
Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 1720 Peabody Avenue  
Gray’s Creek Baptist Church Hwy 64 & Inglewood Drive, Eads
Gray’s Creek Baptist Cemetery Hwy 64 & Inglewood Drive, Eads
 Isaac Shelby  War Of 1812 Veteran 140 Adams Avenue (2nd Floor)
James A. Hyter “Ol’ Man River” 251 Riverside Drive  
Jane Terrell Hospital Bellevue Blvd. & Court Avenue
Joseph C. “Joe” Warren        
    Memphis Sanitation Strike Organizer 978 Meagher Street  
Johnny Cash’s First Performance 1015 Cooper Street  
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two 1015 Cooper Street  
John B. Weatherall 2086 Oliver Avenue  
Lansky Brothers Clothier To The King 126 Beale Street    
Lauderdale Courts 272 N. B.B. King Blvd.  
Libertyland East Parkway & Young Avenue
Market Street School Market Avenue & Second Street
Maxwelton 3105 Southern Avenue  
Memphis Boat Supply 251 Riverside Drive  
Memphis State Eight Administration Bldg, UM Campus
Millington Central High School 8057  Wilkinsville Road, Millington
Millington, Tennessee 4836 Navy Road, Millington  
Modern Movie-Making In Memphis 540 S. Main Street    
Mullins United Methodist Church 4 North Mendenhall Road  
Neshoba Junior High School 7786 Poplar Pike, Germantown
Normal Depot Walker Avenue & NSRR (UM Campus)
Normal Station Neighborhood Spottswood Avenue & Goodman Street
Oak Grove Baptist Church 7317 Stage Road    
Oakville Missionary Baptist Church 3167 Knight Road    
One-Stop Shop 308 Poplar Avenue    
Orion Hill 12055 Donelson Parkway, Arlington
Overton Park East Parkway Picnic Pavilion  
Overton Park Prentiss Place & Morrie Moss Lane
Park Field 4836 Navy Road, Millington  
Phi Beta Sigma Robert Church Park, Beale Street
Plastic Products Record Plant        
    Hub Of Rock ‘n’ Roll 1746 Chelsea Avenue  
Plough Chemical Company 84 N. Second Street  
Poplar Tunes 306-308 Poplar Avenue 308 Poplar Avenue    
Porter Leath 868 Manassas Street  
Presley Family At Lauderdale Courts 272 North B.B. King Blvd.  
Richland Associate Reformed        
    Presbyterian Church 8658 Rosemark Road      
Rozelle Elementary School 993 Roland Street    
R.S. Lewis & Sons Funeral Home 374 Vance Avenue    
Schools For Freedman S. Main Street & Beale Street
Second Congregation Church 764 Walker Avenue  
Second Presbyterian Church 4055 Poplar Avenue  
Shelby County Archives And        
    Hall of Records 150 Washington Avenue  
Shelby County Courthouse 140 Adams Avenue  
Springdale Elementary School 880 N. Hollywood Street  
Statuary At Shelby County Courthouse 140 Adams Avenue  
Shelby County Hospital 1075 Mullins Station Road  
Steele Hall 807 Walker Avenue  
St. Ann Catholic Church 6529 Stage Road, Bartlett  
St. Mary’s Cathedral Chapel And        
    Diocesan House 692 Poplar Avenue    
Sun Records 706 Union Avenue    
Tennessee Williams Tutwiler Avenue & University Street
Tennessee Williams First Performance 1780 Glenview Avenue  
The Brick Church 299 Chelsea Avenue  
The Commercial Appeal 495 Union Avenue    
The Lee Sisters S. Main Street & Gayoso Avenue
The Levitt Shell At Overton Park Overton Park    
The Lindenwood Christian Church        
    (Disciples Of Christ) 2400 Union Avenue  
The Lynching Of Ell Persons 5388 Summer Avenue  
The Lynching Of Lee Walker 487 N. Front Street    
The Memphis 13 581 S. Bellevue Blvd.  
The Memphis 13 815 Breedlove Street  
The Memphis 13 993 Roland Street    
The Memphis 13 880 N. Hollywood Street  
The Overton Park Shell Overton Park    
Wade Bolton And Bolton College 7323 Brunswick Road, Brunswick
War Of 1812 Veterans Interred        
    In Shelby County 140 Adams Avenue (2nd Floor)
WMC Radio Station SN. Second Street & Court Avenue
Zippin Pippin East Parkway & Young Avenue

Tennessee Historical Commission Markers

Number     Title   Status   Location    
4E 2 Shelby-Fayette County Line   Missing TN 1 (US 70) at county line  
4E 3 Arkansas-Tennessee, Shelby County line Missing TN 1 (US 70) at state line  
4E 5 Shelby-Tipton County Line   Missing TN 3 (US 51) at county line  
4E 6 Mississippi-Tennessee, Shelby County Line Missing TN 3 (US 51) at state line  
4E 7 Mississippi-Tennessee, Shelby County Line Missing TN 4 (US 78) at state line  
4E 9 Old Stagecoach Inn     In Place Inglewood Road & Stage Road (US 64)
4E 10 Nashoba       In Place Summer Avenue & Sycamore View
4E 16 Raleigh       In Place Stage Road & Austin Peay Highway
4E 17 Fort Assumption     Storage Crump Park    
4E 18 Mississippi-Tennessee Shelby County Line Missing TN 14 (US 64) at state line  
4E 19 Shelby-Fayette County Line   Missing TN 86 (US 72) at state line  
4E 20 Shelby-Fayette County Line   Missing TN 15 (US 64) at county line  
4E 21 Shelby-Fayette County Line   Missing TN 15 (US 64) at county line  
4E 23 Davies Manor     In Place 9336 Davies Plantation Road
4E 26 Southwestern at Memphis (now 4E 79) In Place University Street & North Parkway
4E 27 The Memphis Daily Appeal   In Place Center Lane & Madison Avenue
4E 28 Fort San Fernando     In Place Auction Park (N. Main Street)
4E 29 Fort Adams / Fort Pike (1797-1798) In Place Auction Park (A.W. Willis Avenue)
4E 30 Bell Tavern     Storage N. Front Street & Overton Avenue
4E 31 Pigeon Roost Road     In Place I-240 & Crump Avenue (NW Ramp)
4E 32 DeSoto Mounds     Missing Chickasaw Heritage Park  
4E 33 Casey Jones     In Place N. Front Street & Poplar Avenue
4E 34 Fort Pickering     Storage Crump Park    
4E 35 Isaac Rawlings     Storage Crump Park    
4E 36 Gayoso House     Missing S. Front Street & Gayoso Avenue
4E 37 Jefferson Davis     In Place 216 Court Avenue    
4E 38 Forrest’s Early Home   In Place BB King Blvd & Adams Avenue
4E 39 Forrest’s Artillery Positions   In Place Mississippi Blvd. & Trigg Avenue
4E 40 Navy Yard     Storage N. Front Street & Shadyac Avenue
4E 41 Nathan Bedford Forrest   Missing 693 Union Avenue    
4E 42 Washburn’s Quarters   Repair 208 Union Avenue    
4E 43 Thomas Edison (now 4E 69)   In Place 126 N. Court Avenue  
4E 44 Memphis-Shelby County Line (US 51) Missing North – TN 3    
4E 45 Memphis-Shelby County Line (US 61) Missing North – TN 4    
4E 46 Memphis-Shelby County   Missing Poplar Avenue    
4E 47 Memphis-Shelby County   In Place 6282 Poplar Avenue  
4E 48 Memphis-Shelby County   Missing TN 4 (US 78) at City Limits  
4E 49 Shelby County Memphis   Missing TN 3 (US 51 ) at City Limits  
4E 50 Memphis-Shelby County   Missing TN 14 (US 61)    
4E 51 John James Audubon   In Place 251 Riverside Drive  
4E 51 Pleasant Hill Cemetery   In Place 4761 Brunswick Road  
4E 52 First Methodist Church   Storage N. Second Street & Poplar Avenue
4E 53 Ashburn-Coppock Park   Missing Ashburn-Coppock Park, Riverside Drive
4E 54 North Memphis Driving Park   In Place Tully Street & Firestone Avenue
4E 55 Chucalissa Indian Town   Missing S. Third Street & Mitchell Road
4E 58 Marcus Winchester   Repair N. Front Street & Jackson Avenue
4E 60 Luke Edward Wright   ? 688 Jefferson Avenue & Orleans Street
4E 61 Eugene Magevney     In Place 198 Adams Avenue  
4E 63 Memphis Martyrs     In Place Martyrs Park    
4E 64 The University of Memphis   In Place Patterson Street & Central Avenue
4E 67 Church Park     In Place Robert Church Park, Beale  Street
4E 68 Market Square     In Place Market Park, Market St. & Second Ave.
4E 69 Thomas Alva Edison   In Place 126 N. Court Avenue  
4E 70 Court Square     Missing Court Square    
4E 71 First Lee House     In Place 239 Adams Avenue    
4E 72 Luke Edward Wright 1846-1922 In Place 688 Jefferson Avenue & Orleans Street
4E 72 Elmwood Cemetery   In Place 832 S. Dudley Street  
4E 73 Malcolm Rice Patterson 1865-1935 In Place BB King Blvd & Washington Avenue
4E 74 St. John’s United Methodist Church In Place 1207 Peabody Avenue  
4E 75 Elizabeth Avery Meriwether   Storage Fourth Bluff    
4E 76 Virginia “Ginnie” Bethel Moon 1844-1926 Storage Fourth Bluff    
4E 77 Elvis Aaron Presley     In Place 3764 Elvis Presley Blvd.  
4E 79 Rhodes College (former 4E 26) In Place University Street & North Parkway
4E 81 Fort Pickering     Storage Crump Park    
4E 82 The Pinch     Missing N. Main Street & Jackson Avenue
4E 83 Pee Wee Saloon (P.Wee Saloon) In Place 315 Beale Street    
4E 84 The First Railroad in West Tennessee In Place 495 Union Avenue    
4E 85 Ida B. Wells     In Place Rufus Thomas Blvd. & Beale Street
4E 86 Wedding Of The Waters   Storage River Garden    
4E 89 New Winchester Burying Ground In Place Winchester Park, Lane Avenue
4E 90 Sgt Walter K. Singleton   In Place Bartlett Community Ctr., 7266 3rd Road
4E 91 Hilderbrand’s Trading Post   Missing Millbranch Road & Shelby Drive
4E 92 Annesdale Park Subdivision   In Place Bellevue Blvd. & Vinton Avenue
4E 93 The Sultana Disaster   Storage River Garden    
4E 94 Zion Cemetery     In Place 1400 South Parkway  
4E 95 The Lorraine Motel   In Place 450 Mulberry Street  
4E 96 George Jackson     In Place 353 Beale Street    
4E 97 Orange Mound     In Place 2590 Park Avenue    
4E 99 Burkle Estate     In Place 826 N. Second Street  
4E 100 Benjamin Albert Imes   In Place 764 Walker Avenue  
4E 101 Edward Shaw     In Place 775 Walker Avenue  
4E 102 Stax Recording studio   In Place 926 E. McLemore Avenue  
4E 103 Lemoyne-Owen College   In Place 807 Walker Avenue  
4E 104 Nat D. Williams     In Place 310 Beale Street    
4E 105 Thomas F. Cassels     Missing S. Second Street, Union to Gayoso
4E 106 People’s Grocery     In Place Mississippi Blvd. & Walker Avenue
4E 107 J. Millard “Jack” Smith 1895-1976 In Place University of Memphis Alumni Mall
4E 108 Collins Chapel Christian Methodist In Place 674 Washington Avenue  
   Episcopal Church              
4E 109 G.P. Hamilton     In Place Kerr Avenue & Pillow Street  
4E 110 Piggly Wiggly     In Place 79 Jefferson Avenue  
4E 111 Booker T. Washington High School In Place 715 S. Lauderdale Street  
4E 112 Annesdale-Snowden 1906   In Place Snowden Circle & Central Avenue
4E 114 Lowenstein Mansion   In Place Dunlap Street & Jefferson Avenue
4E 117 Nathan B. Forrest III, Airman   In Place Health Sciences Park  
4E 118 WDIA The Goodwill Station   In Place 112 Union Avenue    
4E 119 Rufus Thomas, Jr.     In Place 310 Beale Street    
4E 122 The Gillis Brothers     In Place 323 Beale Street    
4E 123 Mary Church Terrell 1863-1954 In Place Robert Church Park, Beale  Street
4E 124 Isaac Hayes     In Place 1111 N. Manassas Street  
4E 125 Shelby County Training School In Place 5909 Woodstock-Cuba Road  
4E 126 Benjamin Franklin Booth   In Place 135 Beale Street    
4E 127 T.H. Hayes & Sons Funeral Home In Place 680 S. Lauderdale Street  
4E 128 The University of West Tennessee In Place McLemore Avenue & Krayer Street
4E 129 Blair T. Hunt, Sr. / Blair T. Hunt, Jr. Missing 530 Beale Street    
4E 130 First Baptist Church /  Mt. Olive CME Church In Place Lauderdale Street & Dr. MLK, Jr. Avenue
4E 131 Universal Life Insurance Building In Place 480 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue
4E 132 Mallory-Neely House   In Place 652 Adams Avenue  
4E 135 WLOK Radio Station   In Place 363 S. Second Street  
4E 136 St. Mary’s Episcopal School   In Place 60 Perkins Extended  
4E 137 Mt. Moriah Baptist Church   In Place 2480 Park Avenue    
4E 138 Sara Roberta Church 1914-1995 In Place Robert Church Park, Beale  Street
4E 139 Deaderick Family Cemetery   In Place 2424 Park Avenue    
4E 140 Archbishop James P. Lyke 1939-1992 Missing Trigg Avenue & S. Lauderdale Street
4E 141 Hollis Freeman Price, Sr.   In Place 764 Walker Avenue  
4E 142 Bishop Charles Harrison Mason 1858-1941 In Place 930 Mason Street    
4E 143 Dr. Joseph Edison Walker 1880-1958 In Place Mississippi Blvd. & Edith Avenue
4E 144 George W. Lee 1894-1976   In Place 530 Beale Street    
4E 145 Chew C. Sawyer 1918-1973   In Place 1400 South Parkway  
4E 146 Manassas High School –   In Place 1111 N. Manassas Street  
   The Cora P. Taylor Auditorium          
4E 148 Martin Stadium     In Place S. Danny Thomas & Crump Blvd.
4E 149 Russwood Park     In Place 860 Madison Avenue  
4E 150 St. Agnes Academy     In Place 4830 Walnut Grove Road  
4E 151 Defense Depot Memphis Tennessee 1941-1997 In Place 2163 Airways Blvd.    
4E 152 Marion Scudder Griffin 1879-1957 In Place 165 Madison Avenue  
4E 153 Lucie Eddie Campbell   In Place 715 S. Lauderdale Street  
4E 154 William Herbert Brewster, Sr. 1897-1987 In Place Ayers Street & Looney Avenue
4E 155 First Baptist Church Lauderdale In Place 682 S. Lauderdale Street  
4E 156 The Mount Nebo Baptist Church In Place 555 Vance Avenue    
4E 157 Julia Britton Hooks     Missing 164 Beale Street    
4E 158 Josiah J. Settle 1850-1915   In Place Poplar Avenue & N. Main Street
4E 159 Hooks Brothers Photography Established in 1907 In Place 182 Beale Street    
4E 160 Kerrville Presbyterian Church In Place 9216 Kerrville-Rosemark Road
4E 161 Memphis City Beautiful Commission In Place Vance Park    
4E 163 Melrose School     In Place 843 Dallas Street    
4E 164 Memphis Queen II     In Place 45 Riverside Drive    
4E 165 Paul W. Barret, Jr. (1899-1976) In Place 8993 Barret Road    
4E 166 Willie Mitchell’s Royal Studio In Place 1320 S. Willie Mitchell Blvd.  
4E 167 Idlewild Presbyterian Church In Place 1750 Union Avenue  
4E 168 The Saturday Night Jamboree In Place 165 Madison Avenue  
4E 169 Christian Brothers High School In Place 5900 Walnut Grove Road  
   Christian Brothers Band            
4E 170 St. Augustine Catholic Church And Catholic School In Place 1169 Kerr Avenue    
4E 171 Humes High School   In Place 659 N. Manassas Street  
4E 172 Robert Karriem (1934-2004)   In Place 726 E. McLemore Avenue  
4E 173 Tragic Accident Sparks Sanitation Strike In Place Colonial Road & Sea Isle Avenue
4E 174 Bobby Blue Bland (1920-2013) In Place 9043 Barret Road    
4E 175 Hutchison School     In Place 1740 Ridgeway Road  
4E 176 First Tennessee Bank   In Place Court Square    
4E 177 Dr. King’s Last Flight   In Place Memphis International Airport Concourse
4E 178 Mt. Pisgah C.M.E.Church   In Place 2490 Park Avenue    
4E 179 The 1960 Memphis Sit-In Movement In Place 807 Walker Avenue  
4E 180 Ernest C. Withers House   In Place 1320 W. Brooks Road  
4E 181 Rock Of Ages Christian Methodist In Place 479 Scott Street    
   Episcopal Church              

Other Sanctioning Entities’ Markers

Name Location      
Memphis Sesquicentennial   City of Memphis, 1969
1862 Post Office 87 Adams Avenue    
Artesian Water 382 Court Avenue    
Calvary Protestant Episcopal Church 102 N. Second Street  
Catfish Bay        
Cherokee Trace Jackson Avenue, near St. Jude      
Chickasaw Trail Danny Thomas & Adams Avenue
First Courthouse, First Newspaper Market Square    
Memphis City Hospital Madison Avenue, Health Sciences Park
Crump Home Peabody      
First Tavern 317 N. Main Street    
Sherman’s Headquarters Tennessee Street, near Butler  
West Tennessee Historical Society        
Atoka Evangelical Presbyterian Church 1041 Atoka-Idaville Road  
Bettis Family Cemetery 54 N. Angelus    
Clarence Saunders “Pink Palace” 3050 Central Avenue  
Dr. Peter John Flippin 1873-1950 8277 Kerr-Rosemark Road  
First Congregational Church 246 S. Watkins Street  
Fort Germantown 3085 Honey Tree Drive, Germantown
Germantown Baptist Church 2160 S. Germantown Road  
John Gray House Germantown Municipal Park  
Heiskell Farm South Parkway & Cooper Street
Hutchison School 1741 Ridgeway Road  
Memphis University School Park Avenue & Ridgeway Road  
Naval Battle of Memphis The Fourth Bluff    
Raleigh Cemetery Old Raleigh-LaGrange Road & Cheekwood Drive
Randolph Ballard Slough Road    
Site Of First Memphis Telephone Bishop GE Patterson & S. Front Street
Solvent Savings Bank 392 Beale Street    
St. Mary’s Catholic Church Market Avenue & North B.B. King Blvd.
Descendants Of Early Settlers Of Shelby County And Adjoining Counties        
Bedford Plantation Germantown    
Eudora Baptist Church Poplar Avenue at Perkins Road  
McGinnis Park, Established 1998 Schilling Farms, Collierville  
St. Peter Catholic Church 190 Adams Avenue    
Blue Star Highway        
Bartlett Freeman Park    
Germantown 1900 S. Germantown Road  
Memphis Child Advocacy Center, 1085 Poplar
Memphis Memphis Botanic Garden  
Memphis TN Welcome Center, I-55  
Rosemark Kerr-Rosemark Road & Rosemark Road
National Park Service        
1866 Memphis Massacre S. Second at Bishop G.E. Patterson Avenue
Beale Street Historic District 203 Beale Street    
Forrest And The Slave Trade Adams Avenue & N. B.B. King Blvd.
The Lynching Of Ell Persons Summer Avenue & Bartlett Blvd.
National Society of the Colonial Dames        
Hunt-Phelan Home 533 Beale Street    
Lillian May Elizabeth Nelson Byrd Overton Park, Clocktower Lane  
Old Stage Coach Road Number Four 9336 Davies Plantation Road  
The  Gayoso In Confederate History 124 S, Front Street    
Tennessee Civil War Trail   State of Tennessee  
Battle Of Collierville Walnut Street, Collierville  
Chalmer’s Collierville Raid Walnut Street, Collierville  
Civil War In Tennessee, Memphis During The War   State Welcome Center, Bass Pro Drive, Memphis    
Civil War In Tennessee, Southwest Tennessee   State Welcome Center, I-55, Whitehaven    
Confederate Germantown 2260 West Street, Germantown
Confederate Park The Fourth Bluff, 25 N. Front Street, Memphis      
Davies Manor 9336 Davies Plantation Road, Bartlett
Elmwood Cemetery 824 S. Dudley Street, Memphis  
Fort Germantown 3085 Honey Tree Drive, Germantown
Fort Pickering 340 Metal Museum Drive, Memphis
Fortunate Survivor 2663 Germantown Road, Germantown
Hunt-Phelan Home 533 Beale Street, Memphis  
Hurst’s Raid On Barretville 9025 Barret Road, Barretville  
Memphis Civil War Sites Memphis VIC, 12036 Arlington Trail, Arlington
Mississippi River Forts Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park Visitors Center
Nelson-Kirby House 6797 Messick Road, Memphis  
Raiding The Rails 2745 Hacks Cross Road, Germantown
War Comes To Germantown 2260 West Street, Germantown
Sons of Confederate Veterans        
Battle Of Collierville Town Square Park, Collierville  
Confederate Soldiers Rest Elmwood Cemetery    
Confederate Soldiers Rest Elmwood Cemetery    
Confederate Soldiers Buried Here Magnolia Cemetery, Collierville
Confederate Soldiers Memorial Magnolia Cemetery, Collierville
N.B. Forrest Camp 215 Health Sciences Park  
The Wigfall Grays Town Square Park, Collierville  
Confederate Dames, Tyler Chapter        
Confederate History Of Memphis The Fourth Bluff Park  
Arlington, Tennessee   Town of Arlington  
Arlington, Tennessee 5854 Airline Road    
Arlington Cemetery Hayes Street & Chester Street  
Hughes-College Hill Park 5990 Chester Street    
Mary Alice Park Highway 70 & Mary Alice Drive  
Rachel H. K. Burrow Museum 6235 Chester Street    
Bartlett, Tennessee   City of Bartlett or Bartlett Historical Society
Gabriel Maston Bartlett 6400 Stage Road    
Nicholas Gotten 1832-1919 2969 Court Street    
Shadowlawn School 4734 Shadowlawn Road  
Warren Chapel Pisgah Cemetery 7100 Memphis-Arlington Road  
Collierville, Tennessee   City of Collierville  
Collierville Christian Church 196 Main Street    
Collierville United Methodist Church N. Center Street    
Presbyterian Church of Collierville 111 Walnut Street    
Nikki McCray Park 274 Harris Park Drive  
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church 106 Walnut Church    
The Battle Of Collierville Depot, E. North Rowlett Street  
The Lucius E. & Elsie Caldwell Burch Branch Library   501 Poplar View Parkway
The Old Wagon Trail Shelton Road    
  Tom Brooks Park Walnut Street    
  Collierville High School Walnut Street    
  First Baptist Church Walnut Street    
  Collierville Civil War Walking Trail        
Start / End Kiosk Walnut Street    
Fort / Stockade Walnut Street    
Memphis & Charleston Railroad E. North Rowlett Street  
Ridge Of The Attack  W. South Street    
The Original Depot W. North Rowlett Street  
The Original Village 196 Main Street    
Treating The Wounded Walnut Street    
Germantown, Tennessee   City of Germantown
Germantown Cemetery Second Street & McVay Street  
Oaklawn Garden 7831 Poplar Pike    
Miscellaneous Location      
Christopher Henderson Troop #783 N. Holmes Street, Douglass Park
City of Memphis 406 Lucy Avenue    
City of Memphis A.W. Willis Avenue & CN RR  
City of Memphis 531 Vance Avenue    
Memorial Funeral Home & Cemetery 5668 Poplar Avenue    
Mississippi Blues Commission 421 S. Main Street    
Mississippi Blues Commission 220 South B.B. King Blvd.  
New Sardis Baptist Church 7739 E. Holmes Road  
South Main Association 422 S. Main Street    
Tennessee 50 Years 1956-2006 119 Bass Pro Drive    
    Tennessee Welcome Center  
Tennessee Historical Site 4192 Loch Meade Point, Lakeland
W.E.A.L.L.B.E., Joe Williams, 3568 Townes Street    
 Descendants & Other African Americans   Memphis National Cemetery